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    Telling a story through visual communication is one of the most effective ways to send a message in a unique and engaging way. At AquAries Productions, our passion for production includes extensive expertise in animation, motion graphics and various other visual effects to help your business turn a concept into a memorable piece of content. Whatever your goals may be, our experienced team will deliver a result that goes above and beyond expectations while meeting your needs and budget.

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    There are countless reasons for using animation as a means of content production for your business. We work with businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes to create explainers, instructional videos, sales pitches, advertisements, product promotions, brand stories and more. Regardless of what we produce, ourĀ content productions are always targeted at your key audience to achieve the highest possible impact in any industry. From start to finish, we offer our expertise to make the entire animation process as smooth as possible, including creative concept development, project timeline, post-production and everything in between.

    The Industry Experts

    When you work with the team from AquAries Productions, you get more than just our technical capabilities. We pride ourselves on delivering a highly personalised service that gets down to the core of your brand identity; this enables us to understand your vision and provide our polished animation services to the best possible standard. Backed up by years of experience and the latest industry technology, AquAries Productions is your go-to studio for motion graphics in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and wider UAE.

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