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  • The Business Commercial is ideal for the small to medium business that wants to promote its products and/or services; examples include restaurants, spas etc. These videos aim to communicate the value proposition of the business and would typically include; the ideal customer, a presentation of the problem that the product or service offers a solution to, the values of the business and what makes them different from the competition, the product or the service, and client testimonials when possible. The creative element in this video is used to capture the market position or branding concept of the business. This version is suitable for businesses looking to setup an in-store screen to display the business concept or that would like a video link that explains the business concept. The Business Commercial Package includes: 1) A 2 minute video: this can be placed as a link the business’ social media pages, the business’ website, youtube channels etc. 2) A 30 second cut edited from the video: this can be used as an intro of a website or as an in-stream youtube video ad 3) 20 artistic photographs that can be used for future brochures, an Instagram account, or any other promotional material.

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