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  • AquAries is founded on a deep passion for the visual arts. What began as a vision turned into a lifetime pursuit, driven by a desire to put that same ardour for the arts to work and create visual material that engages, inspires, draws, and imparts.
    Building on a shared zeal for artistic expression and cinematography, AquAries found its pillars in the person of the three individuals who have built the company from the ground up.

    Our Leadership Team

    Rezek Saadeh

    A filmmaker and director by heart, Rezek has developed a keen eye for visual arts and cinematography through years of experience in the field. He has steadily grown his portfolio with internationally recognised short films and world-class music videos. More than a filmmaker and director, however, he is also skilled in video editing, sound engineering, and photography. This exceptional level of understanding with the craft allows him to put a unique touch to his work, down to the smallest detail.

    Drawing from culturally and artistically diverse backgrounds, we at AquAries strive to bring material that impacts audiences through captivating visuals and compelling storylines. in creating custom-tailored video commercial packages for small and medium-sized businesses in the UAE. As a full-service company, we provide a wide array of commercial solutions, including marketing and branding consultancy, event coverage, corporate video production, and post-production services.

    With our expertise, we can help you create video material that portrays your value proposition in a creative and impactful manner. Our mission is to turn your vision into reality.