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    When it comes to creating a video, capturing the scenes as they happen is only one part of the process. The other part of the process involves the post production stage, where the segmented pieces of video are put together in order to create the finished product. This stage of production typically includes many processes that encompassed under one term, namely the following:

    • Video editing – this is the process of rearranging and altering of scenes and sequences in order to create a series of shots that depict a particular unfolding of events in a video. This stage includes rearranging video and audio clips, correcting colours, and applying filters and other visual enhancements to establish a certain mood and atmosphere to the particular segment.
    • Soundtrack development – this is stage where the soundtrack of a film is composed, recorded and edited to fit into the natural progression of the scenes.
    • Infusing of visual effects – computer generated imagery, otherwise known as CGI, aids in enancing the depth and scale of a particular scene. It is also used to create situations and elements that would otherwise be impossible to replicate in real life. Nowadays, it is deeply integrated into the post production process to enrich the mood and feel of a scene.
    • Sound design and effects – this stage involves the process of re-recording and mixing audio clips together using professional equipment in order to enhance the quality of sound.
    • Transfer of colour motion picture film to digital formats – this is procedure revolves around the transferring of the scenes captured in film to digital format so that the colour and other image characteristics could be edited and adjusted through editing software.

    Providing results efficiently and cost effectively


    Here at AquAries, we understand that our clients work with a particular cost limitation in mind. As such, we strive to work towards delivering the finished product within a set timeline and budget. With our optimised process for post production, Dubai clients can rest assured that their resources will be maximised and their trust valued when they partner with us. Whether you need the services of professional video editors or the expertise of a full-fledged TV production company, Abu Dhabi and Dubai partners can expect us to deliver.

    To find out more about us, please feel free to get in touch with us today. We will be more than happy to help you get to know our business more.