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  • Pre-Production

    Producing a video is much more than grabbing a camera and hitting record — before filming, we guide you through the preparation process to ensure you get a high quality video that falls in line with your objectives. Pre-production plays a big part in the overall standard of the piece, and is often the difference between amateurs and professionals.

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  • To begin, we listen to all your goals and ideas for the pending video production. Getting to know the identity of your brand or organisation is a key part of our success — by understanding you, your business and your vision, we can start forming a concept that is a true reflection of all three.
    Once we know what you want to achieve, our team clicks into gear. Based on your ideas, we start the pre-production process by developing the key concepts of your video. This is essential to maintain the direction of the project and ensure it reaches the desired outcome.
    Regardless of what you would like to accomplish, we understand that financial considerations are important for any business. Before we enter the production process, we work out how to fit everything you need within an affordable budget without making any sacrifice on quality.
    Writing your own script is harder than it sounds, which is why our experienced team is on hand to help work on the perfect content for your video — we work with you to send a message that is both clear and concise for maximum engagement.
    An essential part of the pre-production process, storyboarding involves outlining the framing and composition of each shot. This helps visualise early concepts, reduces time needed for filming and drastically lowers the chance of any reshoots.
    Are you looking for a middle-aged homeowner to promote your brand, or a crowd of punk-rockers for your music video? Whatever it is you’re looking for, we will find the most suitable candidates that are the ideal mould for the required purpose.
    Just like casting, finding the perfect location is an essential element of pre-production. Prior to filming, our team will look at a number of potential sites and help you decide which will be the ideal setting based on your needs.