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  • The Personal Resume package is ideal for the small business owner or freelancer who is running a business that is heavily dependent on a talent, skill or profession; examples include architects, designers, or even individuals looking for a job. These videos aim to portray a professional image and would typically include; a personal background story, business concept or value proposition, future vision, work samples or the person at work, and client or business partner testimonials when possible. The Personal Resume Package includes: 1) A 2 minute video: this can be placed as a link in LinkedIn pages, personal websites, the small business’ social media pages or website, youtube channels etc. 2) A 30 second cut edited from the video: this can be used as an intro of a website or as an in-stream youtube video ad 3) 20 professional photographs that can be used for future brochures, an Instagram account, or any other promotional material.

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